Doesn't have to be so Daunting

Lena pairs older adults and their families with a Personal Assistant that handles the care plan so you can focus on what matters.

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Your Lena Assistant Handles Tasks

So You Don't Have to

No more waiting on hold trying to get physical therapy ordered. Avoid last minute refills because of missed timelines. Have your Lena Health Assistant take care of it.

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More than an Assistant, an Ally


A Partner and a Companion

Lena Assistants build relationships with older adults and their families. Seniors have a friend and a confidant to converse and talk through important moments.

Family Looped & Coordinated

Your Lena Assistant can keep caregivers and the family updated on each task or on a desired basis!

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How It Works

Your Assistant
via Text & Calls

Real Human Connection

Text, call, or communicate with your Lena Assistant however you prefer. No need to download complicated or frustrating applications. 

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