Enable Concierge Care Continuity &

Increase Practice Reimbursements

Increase Reimbursements

with CCM Codes


Approximate New Annual Reimbursement

Remote services by practice staff that focus on characteristics of advanced primary care such as:

Continuous relationship with a designated member of the care team

Patient support for chronic diseases to achieve health goals

24/7 patient access to care and health information

Receipt of preventive care

Patient and caregiver engagement

Timely sharing and use of health information

Your Virtual Team

Without the Overhead

We Fit With Your Existing Care Team

LENA Personal Assistants can work quietly in the background and check in with your care team as needed or they can integrate with your practice’s workflows.

Reduce Burden on Staff

Your LENA virtual care team can take care of administrative care coordination, pre-visit and follow-up communication for continuity of care and support.

Care Continuity Operationalized

Welcome packets, patient education, and technology engagement to ensure patients have a superior experience from day 1. No hiring or training required.

Performance Quality Monitoring

Satisfaction, engagement, and care navigation metrics continually and automatically collected so you never have to wonder how your virtual team is performing.


Join us in redefining the continuity of care.


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