Caregiving Can Be Easy

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Have Your Lena Assistant Take Care of It

Your Personal Assistant handles tasks and stays ahead of your loved one’s care plan so you can take a breather.

Starting at $2/month

What Your Lena Assistant Does For You


Appointment Scheduling

Have the Lena Assistant schedule or reschedule appointments with providers, test centers, or even transportation.


Referrals & Finding Care

Lena finds in-network providers, test centers, and care services like vaccinations, near you and in-network with your loved one’s insurer.


Pharmacy & Refills

Lena simplifies getting medications by helping with refill orders and coordinating with the pharmacy to have them ready for pick-up or delivery.


Finding Transportation

Finding the right transportation with the right budget can be challenging. The Lena Assistant sources local resources so you have options.


Coverage & Cost

The Lena Assistant helps you get answers to coverage and cost questions so there are no surprises. No more waiting on hold with call center agents.


Social Assistance

From finding income assistance to available professional services, Lena helps seniors find and connect with local community organizations that can provide support, activities, and much more.


Tech Help

The Lena Assistant can help aging loved ones set up telemedicine visits, navigate the web, or use a new tech tool around their home. We’ll troubleshoot issues so you don’t have to!


Daily Living Errands

Aging independently means sometimes getting help with errands such as installations or cleaning. Lena helps by finding and coordinating support with available resources that fit the budget.

How It Works

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Complete the enrollment form and our payment system. You won't be charged until you request assistance.

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Meet Your Lena Assistant

Your Lena Personal Health Assistant will message you through SMS-text within minutes! He/She will get to know your needs to best serve you.

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Request a Navigation

Request assistance now or later (or never!). You're only charged when we do a navigation for you.

Great! But How Much Does it Cost?

Pay Only When You Use It

$7 per task

+ $2/month

Pay only $2 monthly to have a Personal Assistant, and $7 when your Assistant handles a task for you or your loved one. You order the task so there are no surprises.

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