Virtual Personal Assistants for Complex Care Patients

Real human navigation support powered by Conversational AI for a simpler healthcare that improves outcomes, satisfaction and retention.

Concierge Support

Producing Industry-leading Results

Sustained Monthly Engagement

Reduced Isolation & Loneliness

Exceptionally Happy Patients

Get 24/7 on-demand patient support

Intelligent response and navigation routing for administrative care coordination

Meet patients where they are with SMS-text & voice

One-on-one relationship continuity with patients

Intelligent reminders and information delivery for personalized care

Conversational AI for Modernized Engagement

Common Navigation Needs

My meds are making me feel nauseous, can I get them changed?

Side effects are a common reason for prescription non-adherence. Patients often don’t know their PCP can sometimes provide options.

I am scheduled to get my blood drawn. Should I stay home due to COVID?

COVID has raised many questions about what patients should do with their care plan. Getting the right guidance is essential.

My PCP said I need a colonoscopy, but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?

Procedures and tests scheduling fall through the cracks between different specialist offices. Patients are often left in the dark.


Join us in redefining the continuity of care.


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