Reduce Social Isolation Costs with


Health Companions

LENA helps older adults navigate their care and social resources through dedicated virtual concierge support that leverages conversational AI.

We work with healthcare innovation leaders across the country.

Proven to reduce costs and improve outcomes


Cost Decrease
per Navigation


Loneliness Score Decrease




Member Engagement

Dedicated Companions

Conversational AI

Dedicated Companion Matching

Members are thoughtfully matched with a dedicated Lena Health Companion who provides virtual companionship and concierge assistance to ensure their care and social needs are met.

Virtual, Flexible Navigation Workforce

LENA takes care of non-clinical navigation needs so Nurse Navigators and Social Workers can focus on high impact cases and practice at the top of their license.

Deployable On-Demand

Deploy LENA Health Companions to your vulnerable population as needed. Pay only when patients receive support. No PMPMs, no up front contracting costs.

Common Navigation Needs

My meds are making me feel nauseous, can I get them changed?

Side effects are a common reason for prescription non-adherence. Patients often don’t know their PCP can sometimes provide options.

I am scheduled to get my blood drawn. Should I stay home due to COVID?

COVID has raised many questions about what patients should do with their care plan. Getting the right guidance is essential.

My PCP said I need a colonoscopy, but I haven’t heard back. What should I do?

Procedures and tests scheduling fall through the cracks between different specialist offices. Patients are often left in the dark.


Join us in combating loneliness, reducing hospital readmissions, and redefining the continuity of care.


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